Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top Ten Khmer Foods: #2 Pork Rice with sauce and picked papaya, carrot & cucumber

2) Pork Rice with sauce & pickled papaya, carrot and cucumber
This dish is so ubiquitous, and I've eaten it so many times here in Cambodia that I was tempted to put this number one. It certainly wins for the dish that I could eat and eat day after day without my enthusiasm flagging. The concept is simple, a winning formula for Khmer-food success: meat over rice, plus sauce.

The barbeque pork has some qualities of Chinese char-siew, but the cut of meat is thinner, and it has some of the lemongrassy tendencies of the pork they use in Vietnamese Bun. The best locales serve this over heaping rice with a small bit of chopped fried egg and some scallions. On the side, the classiest joints will have three small accompaniments: a bowl of hot broth, a medium size sauce bowl with thin slices of pickled papaya, carrot and cucumber, and a smaller bowl of the thin sweet, garlic, chili sauce that's used in so many Cambodian meals.



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  1. You'll have to write a Khmer-California Fusion cookbook when you get home!